Biggest Rowa in Russia

We are pleased to inform you that one more pharmacy in Moscow is robotic now!


In June 2014, our company has finished the installation of automated storage system ROWA in WER.RU pharmacy on Prospekt Mira, 64. The installed system is Russia's largest single machine with a capacity of more than 60,000 packages. It is capable of delivering more than 800 orders per day, making possible the growth  of orders number and the  pharmacy sales. The robot took over the loading, storage and delivery of medicines, thus speeding up the delivery of orders and optimizing daily work of the pharmacy.


ROWA robot in pharmacy chain RIGLA

Systems of automatic storage and dispensing of medicines Rowa radically changed business processes in pharmacies in recent years. Across Europe, more than 4500 pharmacies are equipped with such robots that can store a huge number of compact packages of drugs and give them to the cashier within few seconds, saving space and letting pharmacies reduce a number of employees.

 The family of innovative pharmacies in Moscow, working in accordance with international standards, has increased. At the end of August, two automated storage systems ROWA have been installed at pharmacies RIGLA on Zemlyanoy Val (pharmacy № 1001), and in Strogino (pharmacy № 1011). Both machines are designed to meet the individual needs and wishes of the customer - for example, the pharmacy number 1001 the robot mounted on the second floor, not only provides the issuance of medicines to the cash desk, but also collects orders for online pharmacy. Now the pharmacist had more time for consulting and communication with the buyer during the sale and at that also reducing queue.

Robotized system Rowa in Samson Farma



Many of the employees and owners of pharmacies think much about optimizing the performance of customer service, reducing the time of searching for drugs and area of ​​pharmacy, the cost of rent of which is extremely high in Moscow. A lack of qualified personnel - that's another problem of pharmacy business. These issues are solved in different ways. But only an advanced and modern version of the robotic pharmacies can change the situation ... Pharmacy chain "Samson Farma" understood this fact one of the first - and in May of this year, our company has installed robotized system of storage and distribution of drugs Rowa. Double module, integrated conveyor belt provides a capacity of up to 20,000 packages and delivers the medication for 6-8 cashier desks. We are pleased to welcome another one robotized pharmacy in Moscow!

One more ROWA



One more pharmacy in Moscow has become robotic. Pharmacy «Vashe Zdorovie» on Sadovaya Street, 1 is equipped now with the system of medicine automated storage and dispensing, made by German company CareFusion|Rowa. The company "Pharma Decision" accomplished all project works on developing a design of premises, installation of equipment and software and provides service. The automated system performs functions of loading, storage and distribution of medicines, thus improving daily work of the pharmacy. The robot performs warehousing drugs on their own system, thus providing exact drug inventory, and also checks the medicines’ expiration dates, guaranteeing  electronic quality control. Rowa Smart model is designed for floor space saving in pharmacies. Automated storage area of ​​8m2 with a capacity of 9,000 packages replaces more than 30 cabinets. The robot gives the ordered products on the counter within 8-12 seconds.