Rowa Vmax 320

Rowa Vmax® 320 - Great capacity for square spaces.
Is the ideal space for storing your stock square? The Rowa Vmax 320 is ideal for pharmacies with large stockrooms which require a square solution.


  • Width: 3.23 м
  • Height: 2,00–3,00 м (шаг 5 см)
  • Lengths: 3.58–5.98 м (шаг 48 см)
  • Ground floor, basement, upper floor
  • One picking head
  • Input: Approx. 3 seconds (direct availability for sales)
  • Output: Approx. 8–16 seconds
  • CPN, CPN8, EAN, and 2D bar codes

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Rowa Vmax 210

Rowa Vmax® 210 - Wide design offers extra capacity
Is a particularly space-saving storage solution with rapid, accurate input important to you? The Rowa Vmax 210 offers even more compact stock-keeping combined with fully automatic package measurement.


  • Width: 2.13 м
  • Height: 2.10–3.50 м (шаг 5 см)
  • Lengths: 3.20–8,00 м (шаг 32 см)
  • Ground floor, basement, upper floor
  • One picking head
  • Input: Approx. 3 seconds (direct availability for sales) 
  • Output: Approx. 8–12 seconds
  • CPN, CPN8, EAN, and 2D bar codes

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Rowa Vmax 130 and Vmax 160

Rowa Vmax – the compact storage system for maximum capacity. Rowa Vmax is the intelligent storage and dispensing system for modern pharmacies.

It impresses particularly with the following characteristics:

Compact storage: optimal capacity about 4000 packages  on 1 running meter

Maximum speed: Inputting of up to 900 packages/hour. Outputting of one or several packages in a 8-10 seconds. 

Innovative picking technology: The patented  V-picking head HD-Multi-Picking® is able to handle up to eight packages at the same time.  A second picking head is optional.

High flexibility:  3 to 15 metres length, 1.30 and 1.60 metres width.  Rowa Vmax can work as an independent unit or can be combining at the multiple systems. Thus it may be suitable for a small pharmacy and for a large hospital dispensary.

Patented refrigerated unit: Some pharmaceuticals must be stored at a constant, low temperature. This is no problem with the patented Rowa refrigerated unit. Thanks to its high-performance insulation the temperature is constantly two to eight degrees Celsius.

The storage of different forms packages

Touchscreen with the simple and suitable interface

The low level of noise 

Assured quality and reliability: Rostest

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Rowa Smart System

Rowa SmartTM  System   

Big relief for small pharmacies

So far smaller pharmacies have often had to forego the advantages of an automated storage system because the available space was too small or the procurement costs were simply too high. An automated storage and dispensing system pays off in many respects, however, for small and medium-sized pharmacies too.

This system is issued in two size variants 4,80 m x 1,63 m x 2,53 m and contains to 9000 packs of pharmaceutical products and 6,80 m x 1,63 m x 2,53 m containing up to 15 000 packs of pharmaceutical products 

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Rowa product options

Customisation for even greater performance!

Numerous additional options are available to raise the level of automation of your intelligent Rowa logistics centre – precisely tailored to the needs of the pharmacy.

Nothing is as certain as change. This certainly applies these days to pharmacies. Rowa storage and dispensing systems guarantee a little security for the future in such uncertain times, because thanks to their modular construction they can be quickly extended if required and useful supplementary equipment can be added where it will help. Rowa machines, with their practical and extensively proven product options, will comfortably adapt to any space or customer requirements on site – meaning that the working day in the pharmacy goes even more smoothly and efficiently.

The Rowa product options:

  • ProLog: fully automatic inputting
  • iProLog: integrated fully automatic inputting
  • Refrigerator: storage of medicaments at 2 to 8° C
  • Conveying: optimal goods transport
  • Rowa Label: individualised patient labelling
  • Visavia: consultation and dispensing terminal

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