i.v.STATION®  is an automated robotic system designed for the preparation of injectable drugs

 The automated functions include the following: 
+ Automatic dosing of medications from their commercial containers (vials only, ampoules are not supported); 
+ Automatic reconstitution of powder drugs with appropriate diluents; 
+ Identification of final containers (syringes, IV bags) with Bar-Code labels; 
+ Handling of the preparation cycle within a ISO 14644-1 Class 5 air quality environment. 
+ Overnight sterility control by UV-C lamps; 
+ Controlled access with real-time identification of authorized users by multiple ID / password credentials (optional support of common readers such as biometric face recognition, magnetic or RFID badge).

 i.v.STATION® represents a revolutionary approach in the quest for safe, accurate, efficient, cost effective, and ready-to-administer IV Admixtures. 

Constructed around a scalable, distributed, and fail-safe architecture, i.v.STATION® offers unprecedented final container flexibility, life-critical patient safety, and robotic precision and performance. 
i.v.STATION® may be deployed in a variety of locations, including central and satellite pharmacies and direct patient care areas, due to its self-contained form, ISO Class 5 environment, and small “foot print”.