Rowa Vmax 320

Rowa Vmax® 320 - Great capacity for square spaces.
Is the ideal space for storing your stock square? The Rowa Vmax 320 is ideal for pharmacies with large stockrooms which require a square solution.


  • Width: 3.23 м
  • Height: 2,00–3,00 м (шаг 5 см)
  • Lengths: 3.58–5.98 м (шаг 48 см)
  • Ground floor, basement, upper floor
  • One picking head
  • Input: Approx. 3 seconds (direct availability for sales)
  • Output: Approx. 8–16 seconds
  • CPN, CPN8, EAN, and 2D bar codes


The king of capacity. For square spaces.