Rowa Smart System

Rowa SmartTM  System   

Big relief for small pharmacies

So far smaller pharmacies have often had to forego the advantages of an automated storage system because the available space was too small or the procurement costs were simply too high. An automated storage and dispensing system pays off in many respects, however, for small and medium-sized pharmacies too.

This system is issued in two size variants 4,80 m x 1,63 m x 2,53 m and contains to 9000 packs of pharmaceutical products and 6,80 m x 1,63 m x 2,53 m containing up to 15 000 packs of pharmaceutical products 



 All advantages of Rowa are included

The Rowa Smart™ system offers all the key advantages of the automated storage system. For example, it offers the repeatedly proven V-picking head with HD-Multi-Picking®, which can move up to eight packs at the same time. With a capacity of up to 9,000 packs, the system can stock adequate supplies of medicines for small and medium-sized pharmacies.

 Rowa Smart TM–key advantages

 -  developed specially for requirements of small and medium-sized pharmacies

 - capacity – 9000/15000 packs

 - a V-shaped picking head, with the HD-Multi-Picking technology ® which can move up  to eight packs at      the same time.

 - two points of delivery of medicinal products

 - installation and adjusting within 2 days

 - can be connected to conveyor equipment


Technical data

Rowa Smart TM System 

Dimensions (W × H × L)  1,630 × 2,530 × 4,800/6800 mm (incl. input table)
Capacity Approx. 9,000/15 000 packs
Options Conveyor system
Input Frontal, left, 1 input belt
Output Stock maintenance output right plus 2 output locations at the side (+ 2 optional)
Time for in- and output

Input: app. 3 seconds (direct availability at the sales desks)

Output: app. 8 - 12 seconds

Color  White
Computer  1 computer (2nd computer optional)
Picking head  1 picking head
Installation  1.5 days
Commissioning     0.5 days