Rowa product options

Customisation for even greater performance!

Numerous additional options are available to raise the level of automation of your intelligent Rowa logistics centre – precisely tailored to the needs of the pharmacy.

Nothing is as certain as change. This certainly applies these days to pharmacies. Rowa storage and dispensing systems guarantee a little security for the future in such uncertain times, because thanks to their modular construction they can be quickly extended if required and useful supplementary equipment can be added where it will help. Rowa machines, with their practical and extensively proven product options, will comfortably adapt to any space or customer requirements on site – meaning that the working day in the pharmacy goes even more smoothly and efficiently.

The Rowa product options:

  • ProLog: fully automatic inputting
  • iProLog: integrated fully automatic inputting
  • Refrigerator: storage of medicaments at 2 to 8° C
  • Conveying: optimal goods transport
  • Rowa Label: individualised patient labelling
  • Visavia: consultation and dispensing terminal


Rowa Visavia – the 24 hours service terminal

Innovative product options as Rowa Visavia make Rowa automated storage and dispensing systems intelligent consultation and service systems.

With Visavia, the consultation and dispensing terminal, pharmacists will be able to offer their customers round-the-clock service. During the day you are there for your customers as normal; outside of regular opening hours medicines can be dispensed via a Visavia added to a Rowa automated storage and dispensing system.

Visavia has already been installed in numerous countries and has a diverse range of applications:

  • Order collection terminal
  • Self-service point for non-pharmacy items
  • Consultation terminal for pharmacy only and prescription medicines

This is how it works: simply select the desired function on the screen (product selection, fill a prescription, call a pharmacist, collect an order). If the customer has chosen the requested product, the customer receives advice from a pharmacist in a videoconference over the Visavia – intensive and professional expertise. The payment can be effected cash or by credit card. Visavia is not a self-service system, but guarantees a high level of medicine safety thanks to its numerous control components. For pharmacists this means a decisive competitive advantage over (Internet) mail order suppliers and pick-up points.

The ways the system is used by pharmacists vary because of different legal regulations in Europe.


Rowa Label - individualised patient labelling

Better safety, better service

Rowa Label is a fully automated labelling system which puts individualised patient labels on medicine packs. Dosage instructions, stock control information - an of course the pharmacy logo. A useful extra when delivering care homes, for example.

Rowa Label is simply docked with the storage and retrieval system. Before being handed over to the customer the medicines requested pass through the Rowa Label System for labelling. It even folds the label "round the corner" in the case of smaller packs. Rowa Label is designed to be completely user-friendly. The desired label layout can be simply created and altered, operation is easy and intuitive and consumables (toner, blank labels) can be easily replaced.

For pharmacies and their customers Rowa Label means increased safety, better service and more individuality.



Individual conveyor technology

Extremely short routes

Unutilised space creates unnecessary costs in the pharmacy. Thanks to our varied conveyor technology solutions, Rowa storage and dispensing systems can be installed exactly where the space exists: on the upper and lower floors of a pharmacy building as well as immediately behind the pharmacy only medicine display wall.

Conveyor belts developed especially for pharmacies as well as slides and servo-controlled lifts ensure the fast, quiete transport of the required medicaments. Advantage: much more space on the sales area. You can remain with your customers to advise, and while you are doing that your Rowa system automatically brings the goods to you at the sales counter.



Temperature controlled. With the Rowa refrigerated unit the storage of temperature sensitive medicines can also be automated.

Some pharmaceuticals must be stored at a constant, low temperature. This is no problem with the patented Rowa refrigerated unit. Thanks to its high-performance insulation the temperature is constantly two to eight degrees Celsius.

The Rowa system recognises at the point of stock input that the product requires refrigeration and stores it with high priority in the refrigerated unit. The refrigerated unit is opened just enough to enable the stock to be stored, this keeps the temperature constant.

As well as storing sensitive medicines in accordance with the requirements it is of course advantageous for pharmacies to be able to store all medicines in the storage and dispensing system. The high level of automation avoids the need for additional storage space and unnecessary running around.


Rowa iProLog – the integrated fully automatic inputting

Fully automatic inputting directly at the Vmax – iProLog is the integrated form of the proven ProLog system. iProLog offers the same advantages and simplifications for incoming goods as the external solution. An additional device is not necessary.

Loading takes place via a flap beneath the control elements of the storage and dispensing system. After tipping out the delivery box, the inputting will be effected fully automacally. The packages – even round ones – are separated, measured, scanned and stored inside the Rowa Vmax. The system reads PZN, EAN and 2D barcodes. With iProLog, there can be built something completely around the machine; an individual solution which makes new room designs possible.


Rowa ProLog – the fully automatic inputting system

Stock input at the touch of a button – the optional ProLog system can unlock further potential for efficiency in pharmacies.

Pharmacy personnel is required for the manual inputting of incoming goods. Fully automatic inputting with the optional Rowa ProLog system can help here. Simply tip out the delivery box, press "Start" and ProLog will take care of the rest. And loading the system can take place anywhere: directly into the system, remote from the system using Rowa conveyor technology and even from a different floor or goods inward gate.

The ProLog from Rowa processes 2D barcodes and round packs and it is also available as a completely integrated solution.